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Studiocamel is a digital design and development agency located in Cairo, Egypt and powered by NOOR. We help our clients to turn their ideas into beautiful products that engage users and help achieve their business goals.

We believe that business, product design and development should go hand in hand to deliver a quality-driven product tailored to the needs of the clients’ target audience.

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Web / Android / iOS

One goal, different platforms.

Jamhara is an Arabic social network aiming to share knowledge in the Arabic speaking community through bite-sized posts from verified sources on the web. Jamhara hired Studiocamel to design and develop their app on the web, Android and iOS with a unified user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Native development, Native experience

On the top of our priorities while developing Jamhara mobile app was to deliver the best native and authentic experience which couldn't be achieved better without native development for Android (Java) and iOS (Swift).

Performance is a priority

Jamhara is an app that's meant to be used daily by users so maintaining speed and scalability was a must to deliver the most convenient user experience.

Content is king

The core of Jamhara app is the feed posts which had to have a design that's kept to minimum for an easy to read experience yet offering all different options like "bookmark", "like", "comment", "share" and much more. Studiocamel team worked on delivering the best user interface and user experience for Jamhara post design on all three different platforms.

Try it yourself

Jamhara mobile app won the ALECSO Arab Mobile Apps Award 2017 for culture. You can download the app now to enjoy a daily newsfeed of bite-sized facts in different topics tailored for you.