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Studiocamel is a digital design and development agency located in Cairo, Egypt and powered by NOOR. We help our clients to turn their ideas into beautiful products that engage users and help achieve their business goals.

We believe that business, product design and development should go hand in hand to deliver a quality-driven product tailored to the needs of the clients’ target audience.

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Web Design & Development

A click away from your activity.

Zabatnee is reservation platform that manages and automates the reservation and backoffice processes of activity providers allowing them the capacity to better engage their customers. Studiocamel designed a commercial website for Zabatnee to make it more presentable for new and potentials customers.

Mobile first

Because the main product of Zabatnee is their mobile app, we designed their commercial website on mobile first, we also made sure we keep the feel and the look of the app on the website as well.

Performance wise, everything was kept to respond on mobile with minimal size, from the cover video to the images and icons.

Matching blog.

Similar to the clean and beautiful design of the website, Studiocamel designed the blog of Zabatnee too, offering a fast and easy way for visitors to follow news from Zabatnee and discover interesting articles in related topics.

Custom icons / Custom video

Zabatnee is such a versatile app and we needed to craft a custom cover video and icons to present the app idea in a short, clear and creative way. We designed the icons to be colorful, dynamic and expressive. We also created a cover video to be used in the homepage to highlight the fun and dynamic spirit of Zabatnee.

Try it yourself

Bored of going out to the same places? Want to try something new? Download Zabatnee now and discover new or hidden gems in your city.